• Compliant life safety systems

    We design, install and service public address and life safety voice alarm systems to comply with all necessary British and European standards

  • Engineered Sound Solutions

    Business Music / Public Address / Voice Alarm / Conferencing

    Leisure | Retail | Hospitality | Education | Health | Industrial & Commercial
  • Combined life safety, public information and music applications

    We have significant experience in designing integrated systems with configurable central command and control interfaces

  • Designed For Your Needs

    We design and install sound systems to your specific requirements

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  • Professional Design, Pre-Build & Installation Services

  • Integrated or Standalone Project Managed Solutions

    Working with Architects, Designers and Developers

Engineered Sound Solutions for Business

Installed and operating in retail and corporate businesses throughout the UK

With over 30 years' experience in the design, engineering and installation of sound solutions across all major business sectors in the UK, we are uniquely positioned to integrate with your existing technology and provide an end to end solution maximising your investment in Security including Access Control, Intrusion Detection and other security technologies.

Business Music

Inject atmosphere and ambience into your retail, hospitality or leisure business with tailored single or multi-zoned background music.

Public Address

Scalable Public Address Systems.

Voice Alarms

Voice alarm systems are an essential component for providing public safety. The system can either be Standalone or integrated with Reflex Systems fire division.


The latest in streaming music across multiple environments to including restaurants, bars, gyms, public areas and meeting rooms.


"Audio solutions
for every situation"

Bose, Yamaha, Bosch

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